Common household pests can be hazardous to your health and pose risks to your home, but they can also be dangerous for your pets, too. Being proactive with a pest management system can help you prevent more serious problems, such as disease and structural damage, from occurring. Still, when you have vulnerable family members you need pest management products that are safe for everyone, including children and pets.

At Gecko Pest Management, we specialize in pest solutions that can keep your property pest-free and safe for every family member, whether two-legged, four-legged, furry, scaly, feathery, or something else entirely. Our customized Tucson pest control solutions are designed to work for you and keep your home and property comfortable, healthy, and free of bothersome pests both indoors and out.

The Problem with Pets and Pests

Bugs, rodents, and other pests are notorious for contaminating food, leaving painful or itchy bites, and destroying property. Unfortunately, they can also be bad for your pets. It might surprise you to learn that some of the worst offenders are the same pests that bug us the most, too, such as:


These buzzing beasts are known for leaving itchy welts after a bite, and they can spread some diseases among people, too. For dogs, they can pass deadly parasites known as heartworms. While heartworm is thankfully rare in Arizona, our pets are still vulnerable. Unfortunately, signs often do not appear until the parasite has advanced considerably.

Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm larvae to cats, ferrets, and dogs. We can help you develop a mosquito management system that eliminates mosquito harborage areas and reduces your whole family’s exposure.


These tiny pests tend to feed on the blood of mammals and may be hard to spot at first. They spread disease among people and animals, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This infection can be spread among both people and dogs. Treating your property for ticks can reduce and control their populations, which can in turn help reduce your family’s exposure to this potentially dangerous disease.


The mother of all pests when it comes to pets, fleas will bite just about anything they can leap on, including you! Dog fleas and cat fleas are the ones most likely to infest our domestic pets, however, and these tend to carry tapeworm larvae and the bacteria responsible for cat-scratch fever, both of which can be spread to human family members.

Pest control can keep these bothersome pests under control outside and eliminate indoor infestations. Your pet may benefit from additional treatments, which are available through your veterinarian.

Pet-Safe Pest Management Solutions

At Gecko, we strive to use products and techniques that are safe for not just your family and your property but also your pets. We can help you design a comprehensive pest management solution that works for you.

Pesticides applied for ordinary household pests are typically applied at low concentrations. That reduces the risks to both you and your pets while still ensuring maximum effectiveness. Droplets are large enough that they do not remain in the air long, and your pets only need to be kept from surfaces until the application dries, which can take one to two hours. Any remaining residue is toxic to pests but not pets or people.

To further minimize exposure, we may recommend additional steps. At your consultation, please let us know about any pets that you have, including not just dogs and cats but also fish, reptiles, birds, rodents, and other small or exotic pets. By knowing what animals you have in your home, we can alter the products we use or recommend as needed or recommend further actions as needed.

If you forgot to mention your pets before your service day, try not to worry! We can still make adjustments. Simply let our technicians know as soon as possible on your service day so that we can take all the necessary precautions and let you know the best way for all of us to proceed.

Pet-Safe Products

First thing’s first: Most of the pest management products that we use are perfectly safe not just for humans but for your four-legged family members, too. Still, just to be safe, let us know about your pets, both the type and number, so that we can determine if anything needs to be adjusted or changed. Treatment areas are generally confined to the areas where pests travel, including wall voids, the space beneath countertops, and behind baseboards, so contact with your pet should be minimal.

Multi-Pronged Solutions

While pesticides can and do often play a role in our pest management strategies, they are simply a part of our multi-pronged solutions. We also tackle outdoor areas that offer pests hiding and breeding spots, such as:

  • Standing water
  • Brush piles
  • Wood or leaf piles
  • Planters
  • Crawl spaces

None of these will typically require direct contact with your pet or pesticides.

Containment Strategies

If your pets roam free, you may need to contain them to reduce the risk of exposure. While our products are designed for the safety of your whole family, some animals tend to be quite curious about the treatment process. Cats and dogs in particular are often quite curious about visitors. They want to meet us, smell the new scents, and monitor everything we do.

Containing them throughout our visit or restricting their access to the treatment area can help keep them safe and secure. Boarding your pet may be another option if your whole home is being treated.

A Word about Exotics

Exotic pets often have special needs, such as sensitive lungs and skin. If you have fish, reptiles, rodents, or birds, please cover their tank or cage with a towel or blanket to protect them from any airborne mist or spray. You may also need to contact your exotic veterinarian to determine if there are any special precautions that you need to take to protect your pets.

Other Ways to Protect Your Pet from Pests

Our standard program, Gecko Guard, combats all doorway pests, or accidental invaders. These pests live outside but enter through doors, windows, cracks, and other openings in your home rather than setting up colonies inside your home. By focusing on pest management in high-risk areas outside your home, we can reduce the need for pest treatments inside your home, keeping you and your pets safer.

You can take steps inside your home to further minimize the risks, including:

  • Check your pet’s area for insects or signs of insect activity.
  • Store all pet food and treats in sealed containers.
  • Remove any infested bedding or toys immediately.
  • Contain outdoor pets to a fenced area to prevent access to infested areas.
  • Keep outdoor areas well-maintained to reduce or remove insect habitats.
  • If your pet is allowed outdoor access, regularly check it for fleas and ticks.
  • Seal your home’s cracks and crevices to reduce accidental intruders.

Talk to a veterinarian if you find fleas, ticks, or other insects on your pet.

About Gecko Pest Services

At Gecko Pest Management in Tucson, we prioritize your safety and wellbeing at all stages of the pest management process while providing you with effective, lasting desert pest solutions. Our goal is to locate, manage, control, and exterminate your pest problems correctly so that you can enjoy peace of mind in your home or office. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our Tucson pest control team.