Tucson Mosquito Control

Throughout our careers in the pest control industry, it has always been perplexing how people will gladly spend thousands of dollars to eliminate a bedbug problem – but they often don’t know they can inquire about mosquito control, much less spend money to control mosquitoes. As we call to check on customers and make sure everything is bug free, they often say, “Everything is good! Well, except for the mosquitoes, but I know nothing can be done for them…” This is a common misconception propagated by companies who don’t want to spend the time or money trying to control a flying pest, as controlling flying pests is much harder.

The irony is mosquitoes are vectors for many diseases, viruses, and even parasites – but bedbugs aren’t vectors of any disease, as far as we know. Mosquitoes have been known to carry disease like Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Dengue. Thanks to modern medicine and our will to adapt and overcome, we have pretty much eradicated these diseases from the United States. However, currently we have had to deal with Encephalitis, West Nile and recently, the threat of Zika looms with its known birth defects. It is incredibly important to control mosquitoes. This can be heard in the news as Vector Control agencies are urging the population to take more of a stand against mosquitoes.

Gecko Pest Management’s mosquito control strategy begins with a comprehensive inspection to locate three different aspects of a property: Breeding sites, harborage areas, and potential new breeding spots.

Breeding sites: anywhere with stagnant water that is rich in organic material for the larvae to feed off of. One customer was dealing with mosquitoes inside for years. He sealed up any suspected entrances and tracked down possible breeding areas around his property. He was infuriated when we found them breeding INSIDE (!) in an old front entry water feature.

Harborage areas: anywhere the mosquitoes feel safe, hiding out. Sometimes we treat these areas with a residual product. Most of the time, we can just have these areas cleaned up, because mosquitoes generally like to hide in old leaf buildup, piles of landscape clippings, or even piles of trash awaiting to be taken by bulk trash pickup.

Potential new breeding sites: We even locate eggs laid in a potential breeding spot, as female mosquitoes lay eggs in different crevices in anticipation that this area will fill with water. These eggs can hatch several months later once stagnant water appears. We identify these areas around your property and come up with a regimented program tailored towards your property’s specific issues, providing you with the best value and the best peace of mind.

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