Tucson Pack Rat Removal & Control

Tucson Pack Rat Removal

Although termites are believed to be the #1 cause of damage to our homes, the pack rat is the real household pest king, causing significant damage to our property. While it generally takes years for termites to cause damage enough to need repair, pack rats can rack up thousands of dollars in damage in a single night by destroying our vehicle wiring, A/C unit wiring, pool equipment etc., not to mention the health hazards caused by their fecal material, urine and parasites that live in their nests.

Gecko Pest Management has a “non-poison”, safe and effective 4 step program that sets you up for success when it comes to pack rat elimination service. We believe you can have a home fully protected from pack rats and their damage by following our pack rat service protocols .

Step 1. Inspection of the home, yard and adjacent landscape / desert is performed and documented in detail to provide both the client and Gecko Pest Management a map to further serve as a guide to set up and execute other protocols in our pack rat removal program. This helps us build our pest management strategy, unique to your property, and highlights any potential problem areas you may or may not have been aware of.

Step 2. An aggressive daily trapping campaign begins and lasts for the first 1-2 weeks prior to the nest removal. If this crucial step is skipped, the pack rats will rebuild their nests as soon as we remove them. Additionally, displaced pack rats will be actively looking for an emergency replacement shelter, often in an even less desirable place than the original nest. We use live trapping methods so we can relocate and release non-target animals that may have been caught, like quail, ground squirrels, and others.

Step 3. The nests discovered during the inspection period are removed and the debris is taken to a dump site. Often this process involves trimming back overgrown plants, which provide the perfect habitat for pack rats.

Step 4. Once the nests are removed, the sites are treated in a two step process: 1. The nests are treated for other desert pests and parasites like scorpions and kissing bugs, which are known to infest these pack rat nests. 2. The pack rat sites are “sanitized” to destroy bacteria and infectious pathogens.

After the program successfully eliminates your pack rat problem, we can provide a bid to clean and trim up the landscape and surrounding desert areas. This will deter pack rats from approaching your house in the future as they will no longer feel comfortable doing so. The idea behind this is a pack rat can not see very well, so they rely on objects brushing up against their whiskers and body as they travel to help them navigate the desert. This is exhibited when a rodent runs along a wall. As your landscape will now be trimmed up and cleared, the rat will definitely prefer not to try and run in the open to your house.

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