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We have developed effective and comprehensive treatment protocols to solve tough Tucson Termite Control problems. We take into account that every home and home owner is not the same when we develop a personalized solution to protect your most valuable asset.

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Subterranean Termite services in Tucson

We are proud of our Termite Elimination Services. We prefer to use Termidor termitacide which has proven to GECKO to be the most effective termite elimination product available. Termidor termitacide is more expensive than the other products, but it out performs the other products in both immediate control and on going elimination of the termite colonies. If we felt some other product was more effective on the market today, we would use it and save ourselves money on the cost of the product overhead. What proves to be the mark of a professional termite control service, is how the project looks once completed. Any technician can put termitacides in the ground but how does the finished work look! What we notice out in the field is that most other companies are not propperly equipped to deal with specialty flooring, brick, tile, coated concrete etc.  They just skip those areas because the technician is not trained nor has the expertise or equipment to put it back together.  The end result is a partial treatment and not a complete one.  The home owner is usually not aware of these “short cuts” and it goes un-noticed.  See our Termite Initial Service Quality check list and compare our standards with our competition. The best compliment a termite technician can receive is when a customer calls in and says, “I don’t think the job was done because I can’t see any of the treatment evidence.” We respond and say “thank you for the compliment, we’ll send the technician out to review it with you.” Gecko has a combination of initial warranty plans available for you to choose from. One to Three year initial warranties are offered with an optional renewal plan to continue your protection beyond your initial warranty selection.

Drywood Termite Extermination Services in Tucson

Most commonly referred to in Tucson as “the flying termites”, Drywood Termites aren’t as common as Western Subterranean Termites however, they do still pose a threat to structures in the area. Typically they are more prevalent in areas of town with more trees and natural desert areas, especially those adjacent to washes, for example areas along the Rillito River Wash where it is more common to see Drywood Termite infestations rather than Subterranean ones! Drywood termites take up residence in dry sound members of wood. As they do not require much moisture, they do not need to establish a trail to the ground below for moisture. Instead, as they digest the wood, they squeeze every bit of moisture out of it expelling a tiny squeezed pellet, we refer to these as “fecal pellets.” These pellets are usually found near the base of walls coming out of baseboards, door frames, or window frames and are characterized by the small creases found on the sides. Occasionally customers experience fecal pellets scattered over a wider area, not just a nice neat pile, this is usually the case when they are being expelled from the ceiling.

When Drywood termites start a new colony it begins with a process we call Swarming. They send the reproductive members out of the colony, we refer to these termites as Alates (latin term for winged termite) or Swarmers. Once these termites land they shed their wings and immediately try to burrow into wood. They can often infiltrate house through cracks in wood siding, natural checks of exterior wood beams, under “j-trim” of stucco, cracks between stucco and windows or door frames. If this occurs you will often times see a lot of wings laying on the ground as they have been shed and abandoned by the termites. Typically you will see this occur during the monsoon season during or after rain as this process is usually triggered by humidity and temperature, and it is common to see these wings outside. The concerning part is when this occurs inside as this is an indication that the old colony that they flew from, is in your house.

Gecko Pest Management’s Approach to Tucson Drywood Termite Control…

As said above these termites do not need to trail down beneath the structure and it’s because of this the normal treatment at the foundation of the house will not work for this species. For decades the best way to eliminate these insects was to do a whole house fumigation. Local spot treatments using liquids were always regarded as inferior as the only the areas showing signs of infestation were treated, leaving some of the colony untreated. As these termites only needed a small number of survivors to reproduce and restart the colony a lot of the time the treatments were unsuccessful. Then a new age dawned, the non-repellent termiticide was introduced, this meant we could treat the voids they created in the wood and they would continue to walk through these voids instead of keeping away from them. The most successful of these is Fipronil, you probably know it under the brand name Termidor. Termidor works so well because it does not take effect for quite some time, members of the colony exposed to a lethal dose of Termidor termite exterminator show no signs of altered behavior, thus the colonies’ natural survival instinct is not triggered. This continues for about 30-60 days, during this time the termites continue practicing their duties within the colony caste system the all the while transferring Termidor to other nest mates. As the chemical starts to take effect the natural defenses of the colony are triggered, yet at this point it has already spread throughout and it is just a matter of time.

In conjunction with the efficiency of Termidor we at Gecko have also developed our own set of skills that only come with performing many of these treatments successfully. Knowing what it feels like when the drill bits “pop” into a drywood termite gallery and how it feels different than the drill bit moving through the different grains in the wood. What the resistence in the application equipment feels like when it is injecting into a gallery in wood versus just being pumped into an open void in the wall. Things like this have made Gecko Pest Management the go-to termite control company in terms of Drywood Termite Spot Treatments. That being said we are also a humble company that knows our limitations. In some cases we may request that wood siding be removed or in others, the drywall be sectioned to make access to the studs. While other infestations are just to large and really do need a whole structural termite fumigation. The only way to determine this would be to contact us for a FREE consultation!

Green termite treatment & non-toxic termite control

Not everyone has the “Scorched Earth” policy when it comes to solving their pest problems. For those who try to strike a “balance” or are truly chemically sensitive we have your solution.

Traditional Soil Application and Sub Slab Injection: ALTRISET

Altriset is a non replant, transfer effect liquid Termitacide that stops feeding within hours of contact. Altriset is applied in the traditional way. Injecting the material below and into the entry points termites use to enter your structure. Altriset is the only product of its kind. Environmentally and people / pet safe. It uses an active ingredient that comes from the biology of a certain tree that locks the chewing muscles in the worker termites jaws so they can not chew and this material also gets brought back to the colony to spread among them. This product is so safe that there is no “Signal Word” on the label and no other protective equipment is needed by the applicator other than long sleeve shirt, pants, shoes and socks. (If your applicator shows up without clothes on then we have a different problem). See our attached Label, SDS and technical bulletin.

Install of a Baiting System: Advance Direct Baiting

Bait stations are installed around the structure at 10-15 foot intervals allowing variances for hardscapes. Inside each station is a bait matrix that once the termite foragers find the stations begin to feed on this bait and link the new food source with a pheromone back to the colony.  This solid bait does not impact the environment or people in any way.  No protective equipment needed for application. The bait contains an insect growth inhibitor that once digested prevents the termite from molting. This material is brought back to the colony where it is shared. The workers have to feed the reproductives, soldiers and nymphs as the do not have the mouth parts to chew. Over time the colony is compromised and can not recover. Your protection comes from colony elimination. Some times we use this baiting system in conjunction with Altriset for a comprehensive, totally environmentally and people / pet safe program you can feel confident about. See our attached Lable, SDS and Technical Bulletin.

Which one should you use?  Each method has their own positives and negatives. Schedule a free consultation with our Tucson Termite Control Specialists to determine which one (or maybe a combination of the two) is right for you.

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